Here are the results from the 2016 Chicagoland Open Benchpress and Deadlift Championships

Team WUAP-USA Athletes who will be competing in the 2016 WUAP World Championships in Herzberg (Elster) Germany

Stephen Parkhurst - BenchPress Equipped - M40-44 - 140kg Class

Tim Moon - BenchPress Equipped - M50-54 - 140kg Class

Tom Kurowski - BenchPress Raw - M40-44 - 90kg Class

Richard Eartly - BenchPress Raw - M40-44 - 110kg Class

Ricky Fryman - BenchPress Raw - Submaster - 75kg Class

Mark Calvert - Powerlifting Equipped - M45-49 - 90kg Class

Jodi Parkhurst - Powerlifting Equipped - M45-49 - 82.5kg Class

Kayla Kurowski - Powerlifting Raw - T18-19 - 56kg Class

Kirstyn Kurowski - Powerlifting Raw - T18-19 - 52kg Class

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