What kind of equipment is used in WUAP Events?

All WUAP events use premium equipment in the warm up room and lifting platform.

  • “Mono lifts” are used on the competition platform and the warm up room platforms.

  • Kilo plates are used for competition with pound plates used in warm-up.

  • Texas Buddy Caps bars are used for all lifts and in the warm up room. Specialty bars (squat and deadlift) are used in the warm up room as well as the platform.

  • High quality “Forza” Style benches are used on the platform and in the warm up room.

What can RAW lifters wear?

All this information is found in the WUAP rule book. Please read the WUAP Rulebook for full details.

  • RAW lifters may use single ply knee wraps up to 2.5m in length, or knee sleeves during the Squat. No knee wraps or sleeves may be worn during the deadlift.

  • RAW lifters may wear a belt which meets WUAP rules. See the WUAP Rulebook.

  • RAW lifters may wear wrist wraps.

Is there different equipped divisions?

No. The WUAP only competes one type of equipped division. This is considered Multi-Ply. A lifter may of course choose to wear single ply equipment if they choose, but there is no specific division for single ply equipment.

The WUAP does not have a specific approved equipment list. Any garments which meet the rule requirements may be worn in WUAP events. Manufacture origin is never considered. Please see the WUAP Rulebook for all details.

How do I qualify for the World Championships?

Athletes need only compete and finish at the WUAP-USA National Championships. Qualification is defined as an athlete who is qualified to compete on a World Championship stage. If a lifter can finish the USA Championships, they are qualified to compete at the World Championships.